This is an exclusive product of PLACID FERRER, SL It is a lance that can cut, drill and melt at high temperatures (3,000 degrees) any material of great strength. It's simple to use and the potential for many different industries.


Its use is simple, the lighting is easy, and staff that use does not require special conditions

Reaches places difficult to access and work in different situations: in the air, underwater, etc.. It is possible to splice together spears and thus achieve greater reach.

The basic technical equipment necessary for work is not sophisticated. The operator of the spear needs to work under normal conditions (local or outside) the equipment required by law.

It is not noisy or vibrating, it can work without problem in residential areas



The lance has a diameter of 17 mm and a length of 3 meters (other lengths can be made under previous request).

His mode of operation is based on the principle of oxitèrmia, ie, the reaction thermochemistry. The combustion oxygen is injected at one end and this causes the combustion of the electrode, which allows for a temperature above 3,000 degrees.

The spear can be used in any position, whether horizontal or vertical, optimize their performance in a horizontal position with a slight tilt. The spear is lit very easily and quickly.

The pressure of oxygen to work properly is released between 4 and 7 Kg/cm2. You can work up to 12 Kg/cm2.

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